Our Projects

Team Leisure has provided its services Worldwide with astounding results. In the Middle East our services have focused on best operational practice and on delivering groundbreaking leisure facilities. Our projects vary from masterplanning a 90 hectare, US$ 1.2 billion theme park development for Qatar to the conceptual creation of the 650 sqm Kid’s Connection play centre at Wafi Mall in Dubai.

Projects By Category

The diverse backgrounds and disciplines of our staff and Associates allows Team Leisure to advise on all types of sports and leisure facilities, large or small, indoor or outdoor.

The following project lists, organized by attraction type, illustrate the diversity and breadth of services provided by Team Leisure, with selected examples further explained as Case Studies

Visitor Attractions

Project examples include:

  • Singapore Flyer - Operational planning in support of a bid to acquire the Singapore Flyer
  • Operations Manuals - Drafting of a full suite of Operating Manuals for the Middle East's largest theme park & FEC operator
  • Great Wheel Dubai - Land use & feasibility study for the development of a giant wheel by the Great Wheel Company on a site in Dubailand
  • Children's Play Centre, Dubai, UAE - Concept review and feasibility study for a standalone children's play centre attraction
  • Children's Restaurant, UAE - Feasibility study for the development of a children's restaurant & play centre in the UAE

FECs & Shopping Mall Entertainment

Project examples include:

  • Magic Planet FEC Roll-out, GCC - Design development, Client Representation and project management for the fit-out of Magic Planet FECs in Sharjah, Bahrain, Kuwait (The Avenues) and Dubai
  • Parc 1 Shopping Centre, Seoul, Korea - Leisure component strategy and concept study
  • Shopping Mall Attractions, Riyadh, KSA - Market review and leisure ideas study as part of the site acquisition due diligence for a regional shopping mall development
  • Shopping Mall Attractions, Baku, Azerbaijan - Market review and leisure ideas study as part of the site acquisition due diligence for a regional shopping mall development
  • Adventure Golf Centre, Dubai, UAE - Feasibility study for the development of an adventure golf centre in a shopping mall in Dubai
  • Playnation, Mirdif City Centre, Dubai, UAE - Mixed leisure concept development, Client Representation and operational consulting for Playnation at Mirdif City Centre in Dubai.
  • Gold Class Cinema, Dubai, UAE - Feasibility review for the development of a Gold Class Cinema concept at an existing shopping mall in Dubai
  • Kids Connection, Wafi City, Dubai, UAE – Concept idea, feasibility study, project direction & design management of a 650 sqm children's indoor playground

Snow Centres

Project examples include:

  • Snow Play Centre, Syria - Concept development & feasibility study for a 12,000 sqm snow centre in a shopping mall
  • Ski Egypt, Cairo, Egypt - Peer review
  • Ski Centre, Moscow, Russia - Concept review & operational design consultancy
  • Snow Centre, Guangzhou, China - Preliminary market review and concept workshop
  • Snow Play Centre, India - Concept review and feasibility study for the addition of a snow play centre to an existing shopping mall
  • Doha Festival City, Qatar - Ideas search, feasibility study and concept design for 30,000 sqm of mixed, indoor and outdoor leisure attractions, including an indoor snow play area
  • Snow Play Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Concept & feasibility study for the development of an indoor snow play centre as part of a proposed regional shopping centre
  • Snow Play Centre, Riyadh, KSA - Space planning and drafting of a development brief for a snow play centre for a major shopping mall development in Riyadh, KSA

Theme Parks & Resorts

Project examples include:

  • Turnaround Strategy for a Theme Park, GCC - Operational review and strategic development planning for a distressed theme park in the GCC
  • Theme Park, Tripoli, Libya - Feasibility study for a mixed leisure destination including a theme park, bowling centre, ice skating centre and restaurant complex
  • Theme Park Resort, Doha, Qatar - Concept & feasibility study for a major theme park resort for a 90-hectare site, including production of a 5-minute animated film - View it here
  • Theme Park Anchored Development, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Concept & feasibility study for a 100 hectares European Premier League football branded leisure, sports and residential development
  • Theme Park, KSA - Concept & business modeling advice for a feasibility study for the development of a theme park as part of a new Red Sea Resort

Waterparks & Waterplay

Project examples include:

  • Roll-out for 4 Waterparks, UAE - Feasibility studies and concept reviews for 4 mid-sized outdoor waterparks for sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Waterpark, Deira, Dubai - Concept & feasibility study for a waterpark in Deira Dubai
  • Wahooo! Waterpark, Bahrain - Peer review, concept development, Client Representation, operational start-up for a 15,000 sqm indoor waterpark at Bahrain City Centre shopping mall
  • Aqua Play, Mirdif City Centre, Dubai - New concept family entertainment attraction conceived by Team Leisure. Concept development, Client Representation, operational consulting
  • Dubai Marina Waterpark, Dubai - Concept development and Client Representation for negotiations in connection with a beachfront waterpark in Dubai Marina

Zoos, Aquariums & Animal Experiences

Project examples include:

  • Doha Zoo, Qatar - Feasibility, concept and masterplanning study for redevelopment of the 75 hectare site of the existing zoo and the addition of multiple new attractions and public park elements
  • Doha Zoo Redevelopment, Qatar - Development of detailed species list and habitat book for the redevelopment of Doha Zoo
  • Butterfly House, Dubai - Attraction concept & feasibility study for a shopping mall in Dubai
  • Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Concept proposal for an innovative, combined marine animal discovery centre and waterpark
  • Indoor Zoo, GCC - Attendance forecast for a unique indoor zoo concept

Museums, Culture & Edutainment

Project examples include:

  • Traditional Pearl Diving Tours, Abu Dhabi - Operational planning & business modelling for the introduction of a range of traditional boat tours for Sir Bani Yas Island
  • Scitainment Centre, Reem Mall, Abu Dhabi - Study 1: Market analysis & ideas study. Study 2: Feasibility study and concept development
  • Natural History Museum, UAE - Operational planning
  • Transport Centre, Abu Dhabi - Concept & feasibility study for a transport edutainment centre in a shopping mall
  • Light & Laser Show, UAE - Economic impact & location study for a major light, laser & fountain show in the UAE
  • Children’s Eco-Discovery Centre, Dubai - Concept review and feasibility study for an Ecotainment children’s play centre in Dubai

Adventure & Sports

Project examples include:

  • Entertainment & Sports Complex, KSA - Leisure advisor for the feasibility, concept and masterplanning study for a 186 hectare leisure & sports anchored development in KSA
  • Adventure Play Centre, India - Concept & feasibility study for an outdoor adventure play centre in a shopping mall
  • Destination Adventure Attraction, UAE - Concept & feasibility study for the development of a mountain top adventure attraction in the UAE

Mixed Use

Project examples include:

  • Office & Residential Portfolio Review, Dubai - Market study for the development of shared health club, spa, and executive club facilities
  • Mixed Use Concept Study, Seoul, Korea - Leisure component strategy, concept study, and masterplanning for a Development Bid for a mixed-use project in Korea

Market Studies

Project examples include:

  • Country Review, Jordan - Market entry review for Jordan for a leading Middle East leisure operator
  • Strategic Planning, GCC - Assistance with the development of a 5-year GCC Roll-out strategy for a leading leisure operator in the Middle East
  • Dubai Market Study - Dubai leisure market review & update as part of an all sector review for the UK Export Finance Department at H.M. Treasury